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It is what Carmei Ha'Ir was built upon. Its what we stand for. Dignity for the man who has lost his job. Dignity for the wife who has lost her husband. Dignity for the children whose parents cannot buy them clothing- or even food. Dignity dictates that we help them.

Carmei Ha'ir

We believe that the natural desire of every person is to stand on his/her own two feet and not need the charity of others. This is especially true of those effected by the sharp downturn in the economy who find themselves for the first time unable to be self sufficient. All of our programs are designed and run to preserve the dignity of our clients. In this way, we are able to help those who cannot bring themselves to ask for conventional charity. 


It is our desire to change the perception of poverty. What is seen by an outsider as laziness, apathy, or mismanagement is often the result of the loss of a job, a trauma, illness etc., a lack of options and the resulting despair.


By recognizing their circumstances for what it is- temporary need- and not 'who they are' we allow the recipients to retain their self-esteem. By preserving their self-esteem, we give them strength to see their options. Having options enables individuals to accept the help they need for the present and empowers them to build their future.



We hope to spread this approach to poverty throughout welfare organizations and systems thereby creating a new perspective on poverty and a real chance to reduce it.

The Management

Rabbi Vidal Shocron
Mr. Ike S. Franco

Chairman of Carmei Ha'ir 

 Member of the Board

 Member of the Board,  Director "L'mayan Achai" 

President of Carmei Ha'ir 

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