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our activities

We serve breakfast every morning. Every year we serve over 52,000 breakfasts so that the needy keep nourished the whole day

We serve lunch every afternoon. Every year we serve over 350,000 lunches so that the needy don't go hungry during the day

We like to make sure that the needy have what to eat on Shabbat , thats why we give out over 7,800 parcels yearly for shabbat.

Passover comes with alot of expenses , matzah, wine , food and much more. We give a helping hand to the needy by distributing over 3,000 parcels for passover

We want a Shanah Tova not only for ourselves but also for the needy. Thats why we distribute over 2,000 abundent parcels with food for the holiday.

Some parents can not afford to put food on the table let alone send there kids to school with lunch. We provide over 1,300 hot meals daily to kids that are not fortunate enough.

It gets very cold in the winter and it would be impossible to live without warm clothing, therefore we provide new and stylish clothing to over 1,800 families

 For those who live alone with painful memories of the holocaust, being with friends is as life giving as having a meal.  80 Holocaust Survivors come regularly to Carmei not only for physical sustenance, but for the communal interaction they receive as well.

Winter without heat is not fun. We proviede heaters, blankets, winter coats and other winter supplies to families  tht can not afford it.

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